Welcome to my world

Welcome to my World


I was created from a small dream in Pennsylvania, but as a big fish in a small pond, I was born to explore the world.

I am destined to become a travelling plushie, splitting my time between Pennsylvania in the United States, and Ontario in Canada.

I am friendly, goofy, quirky, nerdy but above all things very loving. You can follow me on instagram to see all of my latest #Mittstagrams!

Press/Media: mittstagrams@gmail.com

My favourites


My parents handing me off
Made by budsies

For now, my mom human and dad human live in two different countries! They wanted a way to keep their relationship fresh and fun.

My dad human asked his friend at Shitty Lunchtime Drawings to create a custom stuffed animal from scratch, based on some of the concepts he and my mom human thought of.

From there, they went to work and drew up some ideas of what I would look like. My humans loved the first rendition of me so much, they approved it right away! They sent the design to my friend Alex and his team at Budsies in Florida to take that drawing and turn me into a travelling plushie.

The results speak for themselves! My humans are so pleased with the way I turned out and now take me travelling wherever they go!

Stoney Creek Battlefield

As a travelling plushie, I never know where my next adventure will take me.

I split most of my time between Ontario, Canada and Pennsylvania in the United States.

Wherever my humans go, I go too!

You can see the latest from my travel adventures by following me
on instagram, facebook or on twitter!

I'd love to show you my world!

Jim Thorpe PA

My humans and I are always eager to hear from fans!
I would love to hear your suggestions of places where I should go, or ideas for collaborations.
You can email me at mittstagrams@gmail.com.